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Personal Power in the Workplace

In this motivational and inspirational keynote based on her book, The Power of People: Four Kinds of People Who Can Change Your Life, Dr. Verna Cornelia Price will challenge you to think critically about your power to influence, to lead and to effectively deal with the four kinds of powerful people at the office, in life and in your community. Be inspired and motivated to discover and tap into your personal power; Learn about the four types of powerful people; Explore strategies for understanding what type of powerful person you are; Learn about how to use your personal power as an asset when working with people; and learn how to apply the power of people principles to enhance your personal and professional success.

Ignite the Fire In You

Powerful or Powerless– IT’S YOUR CHOICE!

Stand UP – Step UP – Speak UP

Unwrapping the Package in You

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Leadership & Team Effectiveness

Leading Through and With Change

Change is inevitable and as times change, so does leadership. So how do you shift the paradigm from surviving change to striving amidst change? Dr. Verna unique and innovative approach to change motivates you to sustain your passion in work and life; and inspire you to use your personal power to create change that will positively influence productivity and morale. Dr. Price will help you understand the power of people in your life while giving you strategies to effectively sustain your passion in work and life! Dr. Price will also share inspiring and time-tested secrets on how to change your life, think critically about your power to influence, create change, and lead in your own life and in the world.

Who’s On Your Team? A Personal Power Approach to Team Building

Whether you work in a corporate, small business, educational, or not-for-profit environment, you must work with teams. If you want to be successful in the workplace, you must know how to work effectively with other people. The fact is teamwork is essential to your own professional success and the productivity and the bottom line of your organization. There are four types of powerful people who may be on your team. These people can either help or destroy your work team and you too! Based on Dr. Price’s motivational book, The Power of People: Four Kinds of People Who can Change Your Life, you will: Learn how to create a productive and effective team using a personal power approach.

Creating Your Executive Brand

Branding means everything in business. As executives, we work very hard to protect the authenticity and uniqueness of our company’s brand but how often do we show that same level of commitment to identifying and building our own executive brand? What perceptions do others have of your brand? Have you thought deeply about the effectiveness of your brand? How can you strengthen and protect your brand? This interactive session addresses the core elements of creating an executive brand that will increase your professional opportunities, leadership, influence, effectiveness and overall impact. Why let others define you when you can intentionally create your own executive brand?

Dealing with Subtracters on your Team

Is your team or workplace as effective as it should be? If not, then you probably have a few “Subtracters” on your team who creating chaos, lowering productivity and decreasing overall morale. Who are Subtracters? What do they bring into your team , even your life? And how do you effectively deal with Subtracters on your team and/or in your workplace? Based on her newest book, The Silent Cry: Dealing with Subtracters in Work and Life, Dr. Verna will provide you with strategies and for understanding who Subtracters are, how they influence your life and how to effectively deal with them. The session explore the role of personal power in the workplace; defines the power dynamics of “Subtracters”; examines the impact of negative use of power in the workplace, helps you apply power principles to conflict situations and provides the top 10 strategies for dealing with Subtracters in the workplace.

Multi-Cultural Work Environments

Diversity and the Changing Workforce

How can an organization effectively, constructively and critically address cultural differences in the workplace? We know that left unaddressed, diversity in the workplace can lead to frustrations, unnecessary conflict, chaos, low morale and lost productivity. Dr. Verna offers strategies and techniques for constructively utilizing differences as extraordinary opportunities for learning and growing through structured consulting sessions around crucial areas such as communication, perceptions, time, power, identity, purpose, status and organizational structure. we have transformed into a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society. Communicating across cultures has become a critical component in our lives. Based on her “Culturally Dynamic Mentoring and Coaching Model”™, Dr. Verna Cornelia Price will engage you in an interactive and informative session with tools and strategies for leading culturally dynamic conversations that can foster positive relationships, meaningful dialogue and effective workplace environments.

You Said What! Culturally Dynamic Conversations That Work

The 2000 Census clearly revealed that the demographics across the United States have transformed this country into a multiethnic and multicultural society. More than ever before, business organizations and work environments must be equipped to communicate across cultures. How do you communicate with someone who is culturally and ethnically different from you? Many people find cross-cultural communications very uncomfortable and difficult. Effective cross-cultural communications can lead to positive workplace dynamics and greater productivity. Communicating across cultures has become a critical component in our lives. How do you effectively navigate the cultural dynamics that occur in your conversations, your workplaces, and your community? Dr. Verna will equip you with the tools and strategies for leading culturally dynamic conversations that can foster positive relationships, meaningful dialogue and effective environments.

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