About Dr. Verna Speaking & Consulting

Dear Dr. Verna,
Today I saw you speak at "The Power to Change" Conference and I just had to drop you a quick note to say thank you!  I only had a chance to speak with you briefly as you signed my book but I wanted you to know that your presentation today really hit home for me.  I have been at a real crossroads in my life and have been doing a lot of soul searching.  So much of what you had to say today touched my soul.  I've learned that I was one of those people who readily gave away my power and I know that is probably why I often felt empty.  
It's amazing to me that you came into my life at this time.  I'm looking forward to reading your book and creating goals and vision statements for my life.   I have to do the work and that is what I am setting out to do!  Your presentation was amazing!  I hope that I will have the opportunity to cross paths with you again
Wallin Education Partners has benefitted enormously from our work with Dr. Verna Price in a variety of ways. She has been a trustee, a trusted advisor as we developed and launched a new program, a wonderful keynote speaker at several of our events and a passionate facilitator of conversations regarding Diversity ,Equity and Inclusion. Her deep understanding of the nonprofit sector, her experience guiding less advantaged youth, and her personal charisma and leadership make her a highly effective consultant.
Susan Basil
King President/CEO Wallin Education Partners
The work that Dr. Verna did with our team was transformational. She created the space for the team to have open dialogues about racism, social injustice, racial inequality and white supremacy in a professional environment where all team members including Sr. Leadership could be vulnerable and truly learn from one another.  In addition, she provided tools to effectively and professionally respond to confrontations of racially charged conversations; life skills. Dr. Verna encourages personal power by leading with honesty and offering logical solutions.
Kristen Swanson
Dr. Verna,
I sincerely wanted to send you my appreciation for the energy you delivered along with the "powerful" information. I actually felt like I was at a revival. I've been in quite a few "empowerment", "leadership", etc. workshops, but yours definitely was more like a revival in leadership. At least for me, which is always needed. Your energy alone was powerful.  
With Gratitude,
Dear Dr. Verna,
It was such a pleasure listening to you talk last week at the CUPA-HR Conference. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of knowledge and power with us. I can’t begin to tell you how much your words and enthusiasm have inspired me over the past week. Some of the ideas you taught really hit home in thinking about my relationships, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to realize the importance the role of the many special people, in my life. The advice in your book to write thank-you notes to our multipliers is timely. There are many people who deserve to hear how much they are valued. You have inspired power, and the passing on of that power, and I just wanted you to know how grateful I am. Please keep up the wonderful work you do. You really do have power, and you really do make a difference.
~Power of People Seminar Participant
Dr. Verna,
As an aspiring motivational speaker, I found you refreshing, to the point and down right AWESOME! I will truly renew my energies to stay on the mark.
~Power of People Seminar Participant

About Dr. Verna’s Book

That book is a classic. I'm guessing of all the books I've read, Power of People causes more life change per page than any other!
Dr. Verna,
For so long, I've been paralyzed by fear.  I don't believe in myself that I can do this.  Your book has given me hope.  I thank you for that.  I opened your book and felt like I was home. 
Dr. Verna,
I just finished your entire book. You are an amazing person and really opened my eyes on a lot of things. I wish I could have one of your books to give to my Adders and Multipliers. Amazing stuff! I just wanted to share that with you and I might be buying a couple more of your books and also recommending it to a couple of my peers and leaders.
~Former Student