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I couldn’t figure out why my friends were being distant. I didn’t know why my husband wanted a divorce. I wasn’t sure why my son didn’t want me around until I read DrVerna‘s Power of People book. Though I didn’t mean to be and never realized it, I was a Subtracter. I was one of those people who was constantly “taking” from others without making deposits. I was negative, stuck in my ways and didn’t have the knowledge I needed to change, until I read DrVerna‘s book and completed her accompanying workbook. It was a hard pill to swallow when I realized I was the one in all my fractured relationships that needed to change. But with this book, I finally a roadmap to success.

The book changed my life and made me a more positive person I’m now an Adder and working my way to being a Multiplier. I now have better and more productive relationships with my family and on my job. Not only do other people like me now, I like myself and I owe that all to DrVerna‘s book Power of People.

Sheletta Brundidge, Boss Lady


Ever wonder WHY your life is getting better or quickly getting worse???  If there was some formula that makes your life better faster??  Well Dr. Verna has created  a ‘formula’ that will guide your relationships with people in your personal and work life.  Dr. Verna’s approach is often called  ‘people math’ that always works!!  And in the process, Dr. Verna’s simple approach to this very complex message energizes and empowers you to OWN your life and be the POWERFUL person you were born to be.  Dr. Verna makes it clear in this ” Little Purple Book” that you CAN MAKE LIFE happen by HOW you use your POWER.  You will learn:

  • What it means to have personal power and how every person uses their power to positively or negatively influence your life
  • About the Four Types of Powerful People: Adders, Subtracters, Dividers and Multipliers
  • How to become a consistent Adder and Multiplier 
  • How to do ‘people math’  as a way to make you and your life better! 

The Little Purple Book is a must read!


DrVerna shares key leadership and life coaching strategies from her best selling book: The Power of People: Four Kinds of People who Can Change Your Life by posting a video on all her social media platforms.  DrVerna created the mini-series to encourage people during the COVID-19 Pandemic with the key message that even though life may be hard, you still have personal power and you can still CHOOSE to do something good with your life and for your work.

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