Break Through to a New You!

By Dr. Verna Cornelia Price

Human Potential Expert – Author – Motivational Speaker


Tired of feeling stuck in life?  Tired of wondering WHY you are not getting promoted at work? Tired of failed, dysfunctional or unfulfilling relationships?  You are not alone.   I’ve discovered through years of experience that no matter who you are, or where you are in your life and leadership journey, it is possible to find yourself stuck and asking WHY?  It’s time to discover and unlock the secret code to your success in life and work.  It’s time to break through to a new you!  The fact is that getting unstuck takes courage, work and time.  However, there are simple but strategic steps you can begin to take to break through to your next level of excellence.


The exciting news is that you already have 98% of the answers you need to realize increased success in work and life.  The biggest mistake we make as people is to look outside of ourselves for the answers.  The reality is that you were born with the power to create a successful, meaningful and positive life.  In my first book, The Power of People: Four Kinds of People Who Can Change Your Life, I called this your Personal Power. You were born with it, and no one has more than you. In fact, no one can take your power from you but you can give it away.  In other words, you don’t have to settle for WHY?  You have the power to change your life today!


Take a moment and think about how you may be giving away your power.  Are you sharing your dreams and goals with negative people?  Are you putting your trust in the wrong people?  Are you giving away your ideas, and resources to people who only pretend to care about you?   Take a hard look at your realities and discover how other people in your life are using their power to influence you. Are they adding by challenging you to change while supporting you in your goals, or are they subtracting by taking your time and energy while entangling you in their personal drama?

So how you start to use your personal power to change your life?  How can you begin to break through to a new you? Here are five steps you can begin using today:

  1. Learn more about and discover your  personal power
  2. Take a reality check of the people in your life.  Determine who is adding and who is subtracting.
  3. Create a plan of action to decrease how much time and energy you give to your  Subtracters and increase how much time and energy you will give to your Adders
  4. Write down three goals you want to accomplish in the next six months
  5. Take one action step TODAY to begin working on at least one of your goals.

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